Nokomis FL, Oct. 31, 2023 / -- Cybersettle Holdings Inc., announces the appointment of Vinodh Swaminathan as the President & CEO, effective immediately. Cybersettle offers an innovative fintech SaaS platform that leverages Gen-AI technology, enabling efficient digital negotiation and settlement of financial transactions across various industries. The company also offers value-added financing and litigation services to Cybersettle platform users.

Vinodh Swaminathan comes to Cybersettle with a proven track record of leadership in global Fortune 500 companies, having held various executive leadership positions. His successful tenure as a Global Lead Partner at KPMG and IBM, where he primarily served as an intra-preneur, highlights his ability to drive meaningful change and foster business growth. We are confident that his vast experience will play a pivotal role in driving Cybersettle towards greater success.

"We are thrilled to have Vinodh lead Cybersettle as our CEO. His expertise and vision align perfectly with our mission, and we look forward to the remarkable future he will help us create” said Charlie Brofman, Chairman and Founder of Cybersettle.

At Cybersettle, we remain steadfast in our mission of delivering innovative solutions for financial negotiation and settlement. Under Vinodh's leadership, we are excited to embark on this new journey, and we believe that his guidance will contribute significantly to our future success.

About Cybersettle

Cybersettle is a leading GenAI-powered SaaS platform that is reshaping the financial negotiation landscape. Our innovative service provides a confidential and secure environment for two parties to efficiently negotiate and settle financial transactions. With a focus on exceptional efficiency, Cybersettle not only expedites resolutions but also substantially reduces associated costs, fostering a shift from the traditional "win-lose" approach to a more forward-thinking "win-win" model. For more information, please visit

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